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ePaiLive is Asia's leading online platform for fine art, antiques and collectibles. It connects international auction houses, galleries and dealers to the world's second largest auction market and to a growing, influential and affluent community of collectors and buyers in China and the Asia Pacific region.

ePaiLive has invested in the latest web technology to provide an engaging and interactive experience for Chinese buyers. Buyers have an unprecedented opportunity to view and research items available in China and other countries. ePaiLive acts as an intermediary between its 400,000 members and around 5,000+ auction houses,gallenes and dealers.

Since April 2011, ePaiLive has witnessed exceptional growth and has cemented its place as Asia's leading auction platform for fine art, antiques and collectibles. It has cooperated with auction houses in more than 156 countries and territories around the world including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

ePaiLive has signed long-term partnership contracts with more than 140 international auction houses. The company also facilitates multicurrency payments over its platform and guarantees that auction houses are paid within 7 days of a successful winning bid.

ePaiLive acts as an intermediary, helping with language and client requests, throughout the pre-bidding, bidding, auction house coordination, payment process and culminating in the timely delivery of items through a network of courier and shipping firms that includes professional packing, article tracking, transportation, customs clearance and insurance.

ePaiLive also publishes the monthly, Chinese language Art Trade Journal magazine for Chinese collectors and art professionals.

In 2016, ePaiLive formed ePaiLive Research to provide data on pricing and art trends.

Based in one of the most vibrant art markets and regions in the world, ePaiLive strives to make its mark as Asia's leading for online aggregator for fine arts, antiques and collectibles. ePaiLive will continue to invest in the latest technology to achieve this goal. ePaiLive's customer focus will remain paramount as it evolves its user experience and offers a quality service to auction house partners, collectors and dealers.

ePaiLive was established in 2010 and received funding of CNY200m (US$29 million) from AVIC International (Hong Kong) in 2012.

“New Era of Auctions” Press Conference marked the dawn of technology-based auctions.

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